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2,000 Years of Money and Politics

2,000  YEARS of MONEY AND POLITICS   Huffington Post: Koch Brothers, Allies Pledge $100 Million At Private Meeting To Beat Obama  Money has been talking for thousands of years. Even Jonathan, the brother of the Jewish freedom fighter Judah Maccabee, starting in 152 BCE, was persuaded by promises of military honors, government power and the high priesthood, to use his guerilla troops to back three...

GORY STORIES: Hellenistic rulers off their own

GORY STORIES: Hellenistic rulers off their own There was enough blood and intrigue in the Hellenistic courts to satisfy even a 21st century TV audience. Incest went hand-in-hand with murder in the Hellenistic dynasties of Egypt and Syria in the first and second centuries BCE. POTBELLIED EGYPTIAN KING With unseemly relish, the Macedonian rulers of Egypt, enthroned in Alexandria,  adopted the Egyptian Pharaohs’ practice of brother-sister marriages....

A parade? I’ll drink to that

Dionysian Procession, Marble sarcophagus, Metropolitan Museum Dionysus (Bacchus), the god of wine, was a favorite among the Hellenistic elite. Some Ptolemaic rulers claimed descent from Dionysus.  A daylong parade included: *30 Satyrs (goat-men) in purple and red body paint, crowned with gold ivy-leaves * 5 troops of asses with gold and silver harnesses carrying drunk  Sileni (horsemen) and Satyrs...

Money Money Money Money

Ptolemy II and sister-wife Arsinoe II The Macedonian rulers of  Egypt and Syria in the three centuries before the common era spared no expense in catering to their own comfort. Queen Shalom-Zion of Judea admired Hellenistic architecture. Her palaces — notably her twin palaces at Jericho — featured mosaic terraces, columns, and swimming pools surrounded by gardens and benches for lounging. But...

After Alexander: The Temptations of Hellenism

After Alexander: The Temptations of Hellenism Thais, hetaira of Ptolemy I, painted by Joshua Reynolds, 1781 SEX and MONEY were top priorities in Hellenistic culture, with entertainment close  behind. While Queen Salome Alexandra and the Pharisees in Judea insisted on long-sleeved high-necked veiled modesty, fidelity was not a big deal in most of the Hellenistic world. In Ptolemaic Egypt, top courtesans, hetairai, were celebrities, like rock stars....

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